Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Print du Jour

Amongst our varied and wide-ranging stock we carry a remarkable collection of Victorian etchings such as this Lion Drinking by Herbert Dicksee.

Lion Drinking
Image & Plate 177 x 251 mm, Sheet 251 x 311 mm

Herbert Thomas Dicksee (1862–1942) was an English painter who specialised in oil paintings of dogs, particularly the deerhound. Prints and etchings of his best-known paintings were widely distributed by publishers such as Klackner of London, and his work is popular among collectors and dog enthusiasts today.

Dicksee belonged to an illustrious artistic family. His father was the artist John Dicksee (1817–1905). John's brother Thomas (1819–1895), also a painter, was the father of Sir Frank Dicksee (1853–1928), president of the Royal Academy from 1924 until his death. (Herbert, meanwhile, had one sister, whose name was Amy.) Dicksee studied art at the Slade School, London, on a scholarship. His first painting was exhibited in 1881.

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