Thursday, 29 March 2012

Last Chance to see...

You only have a few days left to see our mini-exhibition of rare Japanese Surimono woodblock prints.  The exhibition will be on display in the gallery until the end of Sunday 1st April.

Surimono is the name given to a type of privately published Japanese woodblock print that became especially popular in the first third of the nineteenth century. Literally meaning “printed object”, surimono can refer to text, pictures, or frequently, a combination of the two. Often experimental in nature and published in limited numbers these works were produced without the restraints of commericial ukiyo-e printmaking, resulting in deluxe prints with an abundant use of gold and silver pigments, delicate and complicated colour palettes, elaborate embossing and complicated designs.

In this exhibition we present a collection of original surimono alongside high quality Akashi surimono printed during the Meiji period.

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