Friday, 24 August 2012

The first and most important derivative of the Ralph Agas Oxford city plan of 1578

Printed by E.Butler and dedicated to Henry Duke of Beaufort, this elaborate and highly detailed plan was the first and most important derivative of a plan of the city by Ralph Agas in 1578 and known only from a unique example in the Bodleian Library. It is surrounded by seventeen views of the Oxford colleges taken from drawings made by John Bereblock in 1566 for the occasion f the visit of Queen Elizabeth to Oxford, and apparently much admired by the sovereign. These views were the earliest of their kind and the originals having been lost, a copy of them was presented to the Bodleian in 1630.

Whittlesey, Robert
Oxonia Antiqua Instaurata Sive Urbis & Academiae Oxoniensis Topographica...
Copper engraved
660 x 955 mm on two sheets

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