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British Empire Throughout the World Exhibited in One View

Antique maps are not only highly attractive decorative objects but also important records documenting history and our ever changing perceptions of the globe.  We have an continuously expanding collection of antique maps available to view and purchase at the gallery, with examples covering every county and continent, and price ranges to suit widely differing budgets.

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Fullarton's map of the British Empire, pictured left, is a wonderful example of a map which is both informative and highly decorative.

British Empire Throughout the World Exhibited in One View.
Fullarton, Archibald
Copper engraved with hand colouring
London and Edinburgh: A. Fullarton & Co., c.1872
425 x 530 mm

This double page map is titled British Empire Throughout The World Exhibited In One View. The British possessions are coloured in red as was typical of maps of the period showing the British Empire. It is highly decorative and it appeared in Fullarton's Royal Illustrated Atlas which was first published in 1864 after being issued in 27 parts from 1854-62. Map surrounded by drawings of the inhabitants of each dominion. Tables include size and population of nations around the world.

The date of 1872 is estimated by the Australia map; all the maps are undated and probably date throughout the period 1864 to 1872:

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