Friday, 7 September 2012

William Nicholson Prints

We currently have a wonderful collection of William Nicholson lithographs, from his famous An Alphabet series (pictured left), to a selection of prints from his An Almanac of Tweleve Sports (below). We also have in stock some of his views of  Oxford, aswell as a stunning graphic advertisement from Les Maitres de l'Affiche and a rare original woodcut.

P for Publican
William Nicholson
1898 [William Heinemann]
Image 247 x 197 mm
Condition: Excellent impression.

Sir William Newzam Prior Nicholson (1872 – 1949) was an English painter, also known for his work as an illustrator and author of children's books.

A student at Hubert von Herkomer's art school, Nicholson is well known for his partnership with his brother-in-law James Pryde. Known as the Beggarstaff Brothers they produced striking graphical work and woodcuts, their poster work being particularly significant historically.

Ahead of his time in his distinctive graphic style, Nicholson's prints are instantly recognisable and can appear as contemporary today as when they first appeared on the market.

Boxing (November)
William Nicholson
Popular edition 1897 (post-dated 1898) William Heinemann
Image 196 x 198 mm

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